NMP Project

Nothing Moments Projects was a project done in 2008 by Steven Hull, who has teamed up with Tami Demaree, Annie Buckley and Jon Sueda for this most ambitious of Hull’s projects to date. With nearly one hundred participating writers, artists , and designers, Nothing Moments embraces the disparate fields of visual art, literature and design.

Nothing Moments consists of twenty-four limited edition books and more than four hundred original drawings. The project expands on the relay-inspired process Hull has explored in previous projects, whereby one artist responds to the written or visual work of another. In Nothing Moments, each book begins with a fiction text authored by a contributing writer. This text is then passed to participating artist who makes drawings in response to the story. Finally, the text and art are given to a designer who creates a unique design for each book.

You can buy them individually or in a full 24 book set.

three boys web

Three Boys Pose for a Camera None of Them are Looking Into

Story by: Simon Leung   Art by: Steven Hull  Design by: Fold Four

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3short web

3 Short Stories About Love and Other Creatures of the Deep

Story by: Ben Ehrenreich  Art by: Tim Ebner Design by: Geoff Kaplan

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love sentence web

Love Sentence

Story by: Lynne Tillman  Art by: Tami Demaree  Design by: Emily CM Anderson

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abductions web


Story by: Jim Krusoe  Art by: Dani Tull  Design by: Sean Donahue

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elizabeth web

Elizabeth’s Change

Story by: Riley Harvill, PH.D.  Art by: Colin Roberts  Design by: Gail Swanlund

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Most Ridiculous and Least Respectable

Story by: Benjamin Weissman, Amy Gerstler  Art by: Thaddeus Strode  Design by: Don Majkowski

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great web

The Great Exception

Story by: Rachel Kushner  Art by: Yuval Pudik  Design by: Martin Venezky

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First Space, Then Structure

Story by: Marisol Limon Martinez  Art by: Kelly Barrie  Design by: Zak Group

$24.00Buy Now Button



Fresh Apples

Story by: Kevin P. Smith  Art by: Kaz Oshiro  Design by: Jon Sueda

$24.00Buy Now Button



Tania Among Assassins

Story by: Tom McCarthy  Drawings by: Gail Pickering  Design by: Scott Ponik

$24.00Buy Now Button



Work Book

Story by: James Wagner  Art by: Edgar Arceneaux  Design by: Heavy Rescue

$24.00Buy Now Button




Story by: Sean Dungan  Art by: Gail Swandlund  Design by: Caryn Aono

$24.00Buy Now Button



American Tempura

Story by: Christopher Sorrentino  Art by: Derek Boshier  Design by: Counterspace

$24.00Buy Now Button



Shipwrecks and Other Drownings

Story by: Stewart Lindh  Art by: Kristin Calabrese  Design by: Stuart Smith

$24.00Buy Now Button



Cary Malone and Other Stories

Story by: Wayne Lindberg  Art by: Jonathan Monk  Design by: Linda Byrne

$24.00Buy Now Button



Pipe, Pulp, Pony

Story by: Millie Wilson  Art by: Marcos Rosales  Design by: Brian Roettinger

$24.00Buy Now Button



A River in the Living Room

Story by: Mark Kamine  Art by: James Pyman  Design By: Alex DeArmond

$24.00Buy Now Button


navigating ghost

Navigating Ghosts

Story by: Annie Buckley  Art By: Joe Biel  Design By: Emmet Byrne

$24.00Buy Now Button


third elevator

The Third Elevator

Story by: Aimee Bender  Art by: Marnie Weber  Design by: Katie Hanburger

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Story by: Lee Montgomery  Art by: Phung Huynh  Design by: Bob Aufuldish & Micahel Thompson 

$24.00Buy Now Button




Story by: Marsha Hopkins  Art by: Isabella Heimerdinger  Design by: William Henri Lucas

$24.00Buy Now Button


f babysitter

Fuck the Babysitter

Story by: Georgina Starr  Art by: Hiroki Otsuka  Design by: Joe Ewart for Society

$24.00Buy Now Button


an escape

An Escape Towards Liberty

Story by: Thomas Lawson  Art by: Andrea Bowers  Design by: Penny Pehl & James W. Moore

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Nothing Moments Short Story Collection

Stories by: Varina Bleil, Nelly Reifler, Vincent Johnson, Jacob Melchi, Tony White, Mary Woronov, Stanya Kahn, Rheana Rafferty, Douglas A. Martin, Mary Younakof, Jamie Schwartz, Pamela August Russell, Matthew Sharpe, Claudia Milian

Art by: Ion Birch, John Monn, Henry Taylor, Jesse Benson, Sean Dower, Beatriz Monteavaro, Harry Dodge, Renee Petropoulos, Jerry Phillips, Matt Chambers, Tanya Haden, Glenn Ligon, Matt Saunders, Charles Gaines.

Designed by: Stripe / Jon Sueda & Gail Swanlund

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Full Set of 24 Nothing Moments Books

$500.00Buy Now Button

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