Las Ciengas catalog

This cloth covered 415 page catalog contains images from every exhibition Las Cienegas Project had during its 3 year run. Also included is an introduction by Susan Morgan and an insightful essay by Charles Gaines.

Published by Nothing Moments Press. Designed by Jennifer Rider and Edited by Steven Hull and Amy Thoner. Visit the Las Cienegas Projects Gallery site for full lists of artist and exhibition history.

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Las Cienegas Projects hosted Landscape Memories, a group exhibition curated by Steven Hull. Based around the notion of the landscape and its multiple interpretations, whether through memories or through pre-constructed images from literature and popular media, the exhibition takes the position that every fragment of the physical world exists only through our memories and experiences of it. Hence, the term “landscape” not only refers to physical settings but may also include people, events, ideas, and concepts subject to memory. These memories in turn become highly personalized landscapes.

Participants: Derek Boshier, Tami Demaree, Charles Gaines, Isabell Heimerdinger, Steven Hull, Jonathan Monk, Paul Noble, Stephan Pascher, Terri Phillips and Georgina Starr. A publication accompanied the exhibition, which featured works by all the artists and two fictional texts by Tony White and Heidi-Annette Hall. Published 2009

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